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November 22, 2023
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Remote Patient Monitoring Specialist (USRN)

The Remote Patient Monitoring Specialist oversees the day-to-day operations and providing remote support for the well-being and safety of the client. Collaborating closely with families, physicians, nurses, healthcare professionals, pharmacists, and external vendors, the specialist ensures the seamless and effective care of the client. Responsibilities include conducting daily client care assessments, delivering regular written and verbal reports, addressing client needs promptly, and maintaining accurate health records.


● Observes and reports patient telehealth alerts triggered by biometric data, health surveys
(added 7/21/21), trend analysis and patient call request to assigned clinical contacts.
● Collaborates with the member/patient, family, physician, and all members of the healthcare
team, internal and external to this organization.
● Interacts with the member/patient, family, physician, and healthcare team. Utilizes the
predefined protocol process to set priorities, plan, organize, and implement interventions
that are goal directed toward self-care/long term care outcomes, and the transition to
stabilization or independent status. Exudes positive supportive energy, connects with people
on a personal level and is comfortable and relaxed while practicing active listening.
● Encourages client/member/patient participation and compliance in the clinical program
● Documents accurately and comprehensively based on the standards of practice and current
organization policies.
● Interacts and communicates, telephonically, using video, or other technologies to be
developed, striving for continuity and efficiency as the member/patient is managed along
the continuum of care.
● Performs care management responsibilities as per customer requirements; recognizes
urgent situations and escalates issues appropriately
Department Administration & Supply
● Assist with admissions, discharges, and transfer, as directed
● Report all incidents and accidents immediately pre-defined contacts and parties
● Coordinate personal care services for all Clients
● Keep the working environment neat, clean, and organized at all times Other Duties:
● Perform other duties as assigned.


● Minimum 2 years’ experience as either a Medical Assistant at a Primary Care Physicians
office, Cardiologist or Emergency Room, OR a Medical Technician in a high paced environment

● Atleast 2 years of experience working in a US Healthcare.
● USRN Active License
● Basic computer skills such as accessing the internet, video calling and navigating from one
application to another
● Ability to work independently from home with limited supervision
● Must be able to perform duties and responsibilities with or without reasonable
● Working knowledge with medical devices such blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter and
weight scale
● Must have exceptional time management skills
● Good writing skills required
● Proficient in Medical Terminology (pre-hire exam may be administered)
● Strong critical thinking skills (pre-hire exam may be administered)
● Telehealth experience recommended but not required
● Word Document proficiency required. Excel Document proficiency recommended but not


Internet Service Specifications
● High-speed DSL, Cable or FIOS with a minimum of 100 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload is
required. Internet service requirements aren't just based on the amount of bandwidth, but also
on how good the connection is.
● Internet service is to be tested at http://www.speedtest.net/ for speed testing and
http://www.pingtest.net/ for quality testing.
● Ping test results should be a letter grade of A to ensure no call quality issues with IP Phone

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